Dear PBPS Family,

As indicated in our earlier emails, we will be dedicating the second half of our inaugural meeting at USCAP (see our updated agenda in the MEETINGS section) to problems in grossing of pancreatic specimens for proper staging including the new parameters in AJCC that will go into effect in January.

This will be an interactive session in which we will be using “clickers”.

We would like to obtain your input for the audience response questions to put forth. Daniela Allende and I are serving as co-chairs of the grossing working group; therefore we invite you to send your questions to us ( and regarding challenging issues you encounter in grossing and staging of pancreatic specimens.

The three main topics identified by the Grossing Working Group are:

  1. Grossing techniques
  2. Measuring tumor size
  3. Determining margin status R0/R1 (1 mm rule, margin versus surface).

We will post some of the pertinent literature to our webpage (EDUCATION section) shortly for your review.

We look forward to receiving your comments and suggestions.


Grace E. Kim, MD
Co-chair of Grossing Working Group
Membership/Website Committee Chair
Pancreatobiliary Pathology Society