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Case #5: Quarter 4, 2019

Figure 2: H&E section of tumor, in relation to duodenum (original magnification 4X)

Clinical details: 74-year-old man was presented with jaundice, progressive anemia, dark urine, melena, and a reported weight loss of 10 kilograms in 2 weeks. His comorbidities included mild chronic renal failure, diverticulosis, and dyslipidemia. He was previously a smoker (20 cigs/day, stopped 35 years ago). On examination, his BMI was 26.1, Hb: 8.7 g/dl, bilirubin […] Read more…

Case #4: Quarter 3, 2019

Figure 2. Low power image of gallbladder, focused on perimuscular soft tissue. Inset: medium power image of area with arrow. (Click image to see full size)

History: A female in mid-fifties underwent cholecystectomy due to cholelithiasis. No significant previous medical history was noted. Macroscopy: Grossly, gallbladder wall was mildly thickened, and serosal surface was ragged. Open sectioning, there were several yellowish calculi within the lumen but, no mass lesion was identified. Microscopy: The microscopic findings are shown below (Figures 1-4).   […] Read more…

Case #3: Quarter 2, 2019

History: 59 year-old man with a 5.0 cm mass in the head of the pancreas Pancreaticoduodenectomy: The patient underwent pancreaticoduodenectomy, which showed a 5.0 cm well circumscribed mass confined in the head of the pancreas. The cut surface of the tumor is tan, soft with mixed areas of necrosis and hemorrhage. The following images (Figure […] Read more…

Case #2: Quarter 1, 2019

Figure 6. High power image of pancreatic mass (H&E (left) and Elastin stain (right), 400x magnification).

History: A 69-year-old African American female had chronic epigastric and back pain post hiatal hernia repair. Radiology: Abdominal computed tomography scan was performed and revealed a 2.5 cm, solid pancreatic tail mass with associated pancreatic duct dilation. Radiologically this was suspicious for either pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma or a neuroendocrine tumor. FNA: Endoscopic ultrasound-guided fine needle […] Read more…

Case #1: Quarter 4, 2018

Case1 Figure1 4x

CASE # 1: QUARTER 4, 2018 A 57-year-old male, with a history of bladder and prostate cancer, and pancreatitis, presents with dark urine and clay-colored floating stools. Labs were notable for white blood cell count 5900, lipase 449, alkaline phosphatase 731, total bilirubin 6.3, AST 381, and ALT 991. CA 19-9 was elevated at 184 […] Read more…