Pancreatobiliary Pathology Society (PBPS) Education Committee
Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

  1. The committee will have 4 members: chair and 3 members.
  2. Term for chair and the three members is 2 years (time period may be extended beyond 2 years with the approval of Executive Committee).
  3. When the chair rotates off, an existing or prior member who has been on this committee will be selected for the chair position by the Executive Committee.

Responsibilities of the committee

  1. Organize USCAP PBPS Companion Society meeting.
  2. Participate and supervise working groups tasked with various educational goals including but not limited to developing guidelines and writing case reports to be published on the website (refer to respective working groups’ SOPs for additional details)
  3. Propose and create new working groups and corresponding SOPs
  4. Actively maintain SOP documents related to the education committee as duties changes.

Responsibilities of the committee chair

  1. Is a member of the Executive Committee and participates in conference calls/meetings and updates them on committee activities.
  2. Executes the PBPS bylaws and SOPs, and updates the latter when needed in consultation with the PBPS Executive Committee.
  3. Informs new education and working group committee members of their roles and responsibilities.
  4. Organizes the USCAP PBPS Companion Society meeting.
  5. Recruits additional help from other PBPS members as and when required.
  6. Checks with webmaster to ensure applicable educational activities are posted on the website.
  7. Presents an annual report of committee accomplishments at the yearly PBPS business meeting at USCAP utilizing a PowerPoint presentation that should be given to the Secretary/Treasurer prior to the week of USCAP.
  8. Recommends names to the PBPS Executive Committee of potential individuals to fill upcoming vacancies.

Responsibilities of the committee members

  1. Assist the chair in executing PBPS bylaws and SOP as well as provide suggestions clarifying the duties in related SOP documents.
  2. Actively participate and organize the assigned educational session(s) and working groups.
  3. If required, assume responsibilities of committee Chair.