Case of the Quarter Committee SOP

Pancreatobiliary Pathology Society (PBPS)
Case of the Quarter Committee Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) (version 3/31/2021)


• The Education Committee Chair and Executive committee will be responsible for selecting the Case of the Quarter committee members (3-year term positions).
• A total of 5 members will be recruited for this activity with a term from March 2021 – March 2024.

Committee Members 2021
1. Dr. Elizabeth Thompson (Chair), Johns Hopkins University,
2. Dr. Goo Lee, University of Alabama Birmingham,
3. Dr. Shilpa Jain, Baylor College of Medicine,
4. Dr. Yuko Omori, Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine,
5. Dr. Felicia Allard, Stony Brook Hospital,


• The Case of the Quarter Committee is responsible for the selection, editing and final submission of an interesting Case of the Quarter to be published on the website.
• A Case of the Quarter will be published on the website at least 4 times each year (January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, October 1st).
• If there is a surplus of Case submissions then bi-monthly publication is encouraged.
• If external submissions are not received in time for publication committee members will be responsible for submitting a case to meet the deadline.
• All committee members are responsible for highlighting and retweeting the Case of the Quarter on their social media accounts (Facebook,Twitter, etc) so as to maximize case visibility.
• The website committee will tag members of the Case of the Quarter committee and the Education Committee on social media to enhance case visibility.
• Each committee member is responsible for submitting at least one Case of the Quarter during their term on the committee.
• Directions for submission of a case can be found on the website.
• The committee chair will receive the online Case submissions directly through the pbpath website.
• The committee chair is responsible for email distribution of the case in a Word document to all committee members.
• Committee members are responsible for editing the Word file and tracking changes.
• Edited word files with tracked changes should be returned to the Committee chair within 1 week of distribution.
• The committee chair will work with the authors to revise the edited case until an acceptable version is received for publication.
• This includes but is not limited to author resubmission of the case after editing.
• Case submission is not a guarantee of acceptance.
• The timeline between submission of a case and completion of review is 4 – 6 weeks.
• Notification of acceptance will be done by the Committee Chair via email 4 -6 weeks after article submission.
• The final version of the case to be published online must be emailed to the Chair of Education Committee and the Chair of the website committee who is responsible for uploading it to the website.


The specific form for uploading a case of the quarter can be found on our website using the ink below.
Information to be included in case submission
1. Author(s) name, email and institution
2. Catchy title for case
3. Educational Objectives (1 – 3 objectives)
4. Clinical history (maximum of 2000 characters)
5. Macroscopic (Gross) Description (if applicable)
6. Histologic or cytologic features (maximum of 2000 characters) – A short description of the histologic and/or cytologic features presented in the images submitted for the case study exercise. Please count characters in Word first, then paste online.
7. Upload pretest images with separate descriptions or figure legends for each.
8. Case Diagnosis: Please give 4 options including the correct diagnosis and at least 3 incorrect answers.
9. Discussion (maximum of 4000 characters) Discussion should include a description of the primary entity, key clinicopathologic features, immunohistochemical and molecular findings, as well as prognosis. Please cite references numerically throughout the text. Please count characters in Word document first, then paste online.
10. Upload additional figures for discussion (including figure legends). Additional figures should not be the same as the originally submitted figures but should include additional ancillary study results.


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