Pancreatobiliary Pathology Society (PBPS)
Standard Operating Procedure (SOP): President

  1. The term of President is 2 years.
  2. If approved by the executive committee, the vice president becomes the President.
  3. After completion of the 2-year term, the president serves in the Executive committee as the immediate-past president for another 2 years.

Responsibilities of the President

  1. Is a member of the Executive Committee
  2. Leads the strategic planning of the goals of the Society
  3. Leads the execution of the agenda set forth by the Executive committee
  4. Coordinates with the Secretary and Treasurer to call the Executive Committee to meetings and oversees the conduct of the meetings
  5. Coordinates with executive and education committees to determine the educational programs
  6. Represents (or delegates the representation of) the Society at meetings and with cooperating societies
  7. Maintains the SOP by updating it as duties change