Pancreatobiliary Pathology Society (PBPS)
Secretary-Treasurer Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Responsibilities: Secretary

  1. Take minutes of the annual business meeting
    1. Submit for approval to the executive committee
    2. Send approved minutes to the webmaster for publication on the website
  2. Create agenda for executive committee meetings
  3. Take minutes of all executive committee meetings
    1. Submit minutes for approval to the executive committee
    2. Maintain an updated to do list from the minutes and follow-up with appropriate individuals
  4. Work with the membership committee chair and webmaster to ensure that the benefits are available to approved members.
  5. Create award certificates
    1. Current award: Annual abstract award
  6. Handle questions about PBPS

Responsibilities: Treasurer

  1. Dues
    1. Dues are currently collected on an annual basis
      1. Send out dues notices in December and reminder notice in January
      2. Communicate with the webmaster and membership committee chair regarding the receipt of dues
      3. Dues are currently received via the web (Paypal) or by check
    2. Maintain a list of dues collected for each year
  1. Finances
    1. Maintain the society checking account
    2. Pay society expenses
      1. Current expected expenses
        1. Annual abstract award: $250
        2. AV for USCAP meeting
      2. File 990N form annually
  2. Other responsibilities
    1. Attend the PBPS executive committee meeting and conference calls.
    2. Present an annual report at the PBPS business meeting.
    3. Ensure that the SOP stays current.
    4. Provide the SOP and an overview of responsibilities to incoming Secretary Treasurer.