Website SOP

Pancreatobiliary Pathology Society (PBPS)
Website Committee Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)


  1. The Pancreatobiliary Pathology Society (PBPS) website committee will have 4 members: chair and 3 members.
  2. Term for chair and member is 2 years each (may be extended to more than 2 years with the approval of Executive Committee).
  3. When the chair rotates off, an existing or prior member becomes the chair.
  4. A webmaster will be appointed by the Chair from among its committee members if he or she elects not to undertake this role.

Responsibilities of the committee

  1. Maintain society website
  2. Update and ensure accuracy of content of the website
  3. Work with other committees to distribute material or information on the website
  4. Advise and recommend ideas/formats updates to the website to continue to enhance website visits

Responsibilities of the committee chair

  1. Is a member of the Executive Committee and participates in conference calls/meetings and updates them on committee activities.
  2. The Chair will execute the PBPS bylaws and SOP, and update the latter when needed in consultation with the PBPS executive committee. The chair will inform new member of his/her roles and responsibilities.
  3. The Chair will present an update/report on the website committee activities at the PBPS Business meeting.
  4. Recruit additional help from other PBPS members as and when required.
  5. Maintain SOP and provide it to new members while orienting them to their responsibilities.
  6. Maintain society website and update its content and links.
  7. Maintain subscription of web address and storage of downloadable content.
  8. Solicit conceptual website alteration and make recommendations to the executive committee.

Responsibilities of the members

  1. The Website Committee member will assist the Chair in executing PBPS bylaws and SOP.
  2. Assist website committee chair in maintaining society website and updating its content.
  3. Work with other committees to distribute material or update information on the website.
  4. Assume responsibilities of committee chair if required.

Responsibilities of the webmaster

  1. Record applicants’ data into membership roster.xlsx


Job Advertisement Posting
Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)


  1. Official institutional search for an anatomic pathologist.
  2. Member submitting request must be paid PBPath regular member
  3. Send requests to or submit request directly at
  4. Website committee member will review and post  on the JOBS tab for 6 months and then it will be removed.


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